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I’ll be honest…

Staying fit isn’t easy… It’s often lonely and very hard work.  It takes so much darn sweat, heck, I see and smell a lot of that stuff here at Franklin Athletic Club.


The good news is that with us you’re never alone.  We have group classes that appeal to any age or fitness level.  You can dance, pump, pedal, stretch, and work on your 6-pack.  Many of our instructors have been at FAC for more than 10 years and  there’s something about knowing that your instructor will be there for you each time you come to class.


Fellow classmates are really nice too, that sense of camaraderie and community is unbeatable.  You can even expect to see the sames faces week in and week out. If you’re friendly, you’ll definitely form friendships with sweat buddies!  We’re proud of our little community and we take care of each other.




Here’s the best part…

YOU get a FREE 1 day pass with access to ALL of our Group Classes; our awesome community. It’s like a magical wand that lets you come to Franklin Athletic Club and see what the buzz is all about. Come by and see why we’re the best Club in Franklin. No Commitments. No Contracts.



To receive a 1 Day Class Pass, enter your Email and Phone number below and you’ll get an email with your Class Pass. If you have a smartphone, you can even bring your phone into Franklin Athletic Club, just show the email to our front desk and you’ll be set! Alternatively, just print the email out.




We’re here for you!

To motivate, encourage, answer questions, and help you on your fitness journey.  Because, as I’ve said before, fitness is not a sprint, it is a journey.  Sometimes you’ll stray off the path, but remember to embrace the journey and don’t get too caught up in the destination.