Why we're the best gym in Franklin, TN



We firmly believe Franklin Athletic Club is among the top 10 gyms here in Franklin, Tennessee. Here’s why. First, our extensive group exercise classes take you further than a simple gym membership. We’ve found that lack of motivation to exercise is the number #1 reason most people quit going to the gym. We’re all about keeping you motivated to exercise.

The statistics are alarming, the majority of gym-goers quit going after the first few months. In fact, most gyms take advantage of this reality by “overbooking” with the expectation that only a small percentage of members will actually use the facility. We find this entire perspective counterintuitive. Our first purpose is YOU and your goals.

We’re proud to say that we provide more than enough machines to meet peak demand for exercise machines which provides a workout atmosphere where ANYONE is welcome to exercise. There’s always plenty of workout machines. We’ve worked hard to provide the most welcoming workout environment in Franklin.


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