4 Ways To Increase Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is the ability to perform exercises for long periods of time. If you have limited endurance, performance will suffer. However, good news is that you can improve your endurance easily with several specific exercises. Aside from the obvious benefit of out lasting all your competitors, strong muscular endurance improves posture, athletic ability, and even helps reduce lower back pain. Find out how you can increase your endurance with these tips below.
Athletic Endurance

When attempting to improve athletic endurance, you must mimic the movements in the sport you are competing in. The basic idea is to train the muscles according to the same movements used in competition. For instance, if a swimmer, one would use resistance bands and practice strokes. If a cyclist, one would train on the leg press machine, etc…

Power Endurance

Power endurance is required for athletes that have repeated bursts of movements without rest. These sports would include boxing, baseball pitchers and tennis players. To build endurance with these sports, lift the maximum amount of weight you can lift for one repetition. Complete a set of three to four of these exercises each targeted for specific muscle groups, and repeat from beginning. This is also known as circuit training and allows muscles to recover in between sets.

Distance Endurance

Distance running or hiking requires a muscle to fire hundreds of times at a small amount compared to it’s maximum capacity. This means in order to build long distance endurance; one must build up to maintain movement over a long period of time. Hill repetitions for runners or skiers works wonders, for example.

Tension Endurance

Rock climbing or gymnastics require muscles to remain immobile against resistance. This is known as isometric contraction. To build endurance, one can hold the particular position they plan to use in competition with weights and build endurance thru resistance.

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